phoenix volksschule

  • A former office building of Siemens Austria is renovated to accomodate a primary school. The main intervention is the colouring of the facade. Here playfull colours are used to indicate the building’s new function. The blue and white colour gradient makes the building ‘disappear’ in the sky and this way look lower.

  • Το έργο αφορά στη μετατροπή κτιρίου γραφείων της Siemens για τις ανάγκες δημοτικού σχολείου. Τα χαρακτηριστικά ζωντανά χρώματα στις όψεις του κτιρίου εκφράζουν τη νέα χρήση. Η εναλλαγή μπλε και λευκού χρώματος κάνει το κτίριο να ‘χάνεται’ στον ουρανό και να μειώνεται οπτικά ο όγκος του.

phoenix volksschule
phoenix volksschule
phoenix volksschule
“the blue and white colour gradient makes the building ‘disappear’ in the sky and this way look lower”
phoenix volksschule
phoenix volksschule
phoenix volksschule


Vienna, Austria

Phoenix Volksschule

2012, completed 2012

design team
Tasos Gousis
Joost Frijda
Eddie Roberts
Fotini Anagnostou

linear flow under construction


embassy of ireland

A subtle sense of Ireland in the recently completed refurbishment of the Embassy of Ireland in Athens.

hidden hill published

Hidden Hill project in Naxos has been covered and published in KTIRIO magazine!

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danish embassy


A small project for the Danish Embassy in Athens has been completed. Light and minimal "Danish design" not to interfere with the existing embassy building.

open house


Open House Athens is on its way! Featuring both the Norwegian and the Australian embassy!

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