villa L

villa L

On a rectanglar plot in the Argolic plain outside Nafplio on the Peloponnese, enclosed by orange, mandarin and olive trees in an orthogonal grid, a single house consists of two clearly defined main volumes, one white and one black. Positioned one on top of the other, these volumes have a flat horizontal shape to follow the flat landscape of the plain and to emphasize the characteristic mountains surrounding it.

This composition of two volumes that correspond to the two floors of the house, is further enhanced by carving out several horizontal and vertical voids. The horizontal voids open up to the surrounding landscape and brings the garden into the house, while the vertical voids link the two floors and bring light into the interior. In contrary to the white and black main volumes these voids have more natural colours and materials.

On the ground floor are the living quarters where the elements of the interior participate with the concept: the main void, the fireplace and the staircase with the internal garden. Within the main volume protected verandas lead to the garden area. The top floor, much smaller in volume, contains the sleeping areas. The horizontal and vertical voids allow here for light and views, as well as protect the interior from the sunlight.

villa L
villa L
villa L
villa L
“this composition of two volumes that corresponds to the two floor of the house, is further enhanced by carving out several horizontal and vertical voids”
villa L
villa L

lower level

villa L

upper level

villa L
villa L
villa L
villa L


Nafplio, Greece


2020, under construction

design team
Fotini Anagnostou
Orestis Kalonaris
Melina Piperopoulou

George Papageorgopoulos

lighting design

linear flow under construction


embassy of ireland

A subtle sense of Ireland in the recently completed refurbishment of the Embassy of Ireland in Athens.

hidden hill published

Hidden Hill project in Naxos has been covered and published in KTIRIO magazine!

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GFRA wishes you a happy and creative 2020!

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danish embassy


A small project for the Danish Embassy in Athens has been completed. Light and minimal "Danish design" not to interfere with the existing embassy building.

open house


Open House Athens is on its way! Featuring both the Norwegian and the Australian embassy!

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